If life is so short, why do we get so many chances to screw up?

Don’t believe me just look at my relationship with my lawn. Boy, talk about screwing up. Things have really gotten hectic around the homestead. You wouldn’t believe what it took to calm my lawn down after my blog. Didn’t realize it would be so upset? It said I made a public spectacle of it. Lawns have feelings too. So I apologized profusely. But not sure if the apology took.

All I know is that the lawn always pouts lately when I go out to mow it, or water the other plants, or just sit and enjoy the view. If it’s not that, it’s this or the other.

As I’ve heard many a time before, it takes a house to make a lawn. So be warned. Don’t write about your lawn. It may come back to haunt you.

And speaking of screwing up. Just look at Miley Cyrus. She hasn’t had an easy since she started channeling Hannah Montana. Poor thang, She’s going to have to lug that girl around till the day Miley dies.Hannah just keeps turning around and slapping her in the face.

And her latest excursion was the VMA awards, making a darn fool of herself. Course people shouldn’t be surprised. She gets her foolishness from Daddy Billy Ray and his Achy Breaky. Wonder why he didn’t warn her that folks would be a bit off-put when she started dancing with teddy bears in her undies that showed her all-togethers pretty darn good.

Just think, you’re Will Smith, the Fresh Prince of Bell-Air. You take your kids to these VMA Awards thinking it’ll be good for the fam to see the awards up close and personal like. And what do you get? Little Miley Cyrus, bred in the ways of cuteness by Disney its own self, making a darn fool of herself in a bit of an obscene kind of way.  I’m here to say she could of used a bit of advice from Janet Jackson, like “don’t do it.” All it will do is make for some trouble. It’s going to be darn difficult to put that jack back in the box. And what was it with the tongue? I kept worrying she was going to bite the thing off.

Lately Miley has been going through more than her share of “if life is so short, why do we get so many chances to screw up” episodes. All the celebs get at least one. Some get twenty or thirty. Just give a little looksee at Kanye. He can’t seem to do anything right these days. And he is a god. If he can’t, why would we expect Ms. Cyrus to do any better. Seems when poor Miley shows up for a function with her fiance she has to explain why they are not affectionate in public. Well, paparazzi, did you ever think that they may not be touchy-feely. She wants to keep her love life private.

Then again they might not even like each other. How many couples do we know who don’t like each other? Doesn’t mean they aren’t in love. Just means they can’t stand each other. Course Ms. Cyrus keeps up that behavior we saw the other night, she may have an achy-breeaky heart her own self.

If life is so short, why do we get so many chances to screw up? Personally I don’t know. But Miley is only the latest episode of it and joins a long line of those who have come before. Bill Clinton, Gary Hart, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears come to mind. “Britney who?” you say. “Oh her.” ‘Course there are those who have made a career of messing up and made it look real good. I’m thinking Paris Hilton here.

Maybe all Miley Cyrus needs is a little bit of Jesus and a public confession that she’s not going to be a skank anymore and all will be well. It sure would be nice to see our little Hannah Montana acting all grown-up, now wouldn’t it?


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