The Aliens are coming

There haven’t been this many Alien Genre movies and TV shows since the 1950s. And I’m not talking illegal aliens either. Although you could say that all the aliens in this media are here illegally. If it was up to Stephen Hawking he would bundle these folks up and send them back to where they belong “billions and billions” of light years away.

He has stated that if extraterrestrials ever make it to earth, it will be a bad thing. He has looked at human history and seen that almost always the advanced civilization wipes out the indigenous folks. When it comes to these kinds of aliens, we’re the indigenous. So Hawking would have us shut off SETI and other programs of this ilk and try to develop something which will make us unlikely to be seen by the far-faraway people. Because they will “not come in peace.”

A recent forage into this genre was the terrible “I Am Number Four”. But this genre seems to have been dropping from the sky regularly since “Independence Day”. There were alien genre movies and television shows before that but nothing like what’s come lately. It’s enough to give the zombies heart burn.

We’ve gotten “V”, “The Event”, “Invasion”, “Falling Skies”, “Stargate”, which started off as a movie and all its offshoots, “Third Rock from the Sun”, “Roswell”, “The X-Files” (and the two movies based on the show),”Taken”, “First Wave”, “Lilo and Stitch: The Television Series”, “Dark Skies”, “Invasion America”. Pretty soon we might even get a show called “Baked”.

And when it comes to movies, here’s just a sample. a bunch of “Transformers” (the aliens this time are big-assed trucks), “District 9”, “Men In Black” 1 and 2 and 3, “Signs”, “Battle Los Angeles”, “Cowboys and Aliens”, “Super 8”, “The Arrival”, “Alien Vs Predator”, “Mars Attacks” (boy, are the aliens gonna be mad about that one), the remakes of “War of the Worlds” and “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, “Prometheus”, “The Darkest Hour”. And that’s just a few.

It does make you wonder. Are we being prepared for something? Maybe lunch or a midnight snack. ‘Cause I can’t see any other reasons why somebody would come billions and billions and billions of miles to this dinky little place in the middle of nowhere. Certainly not to glow in our wisdom. It does make me wonder if Hollywood has been taken over by extraterrestrials and we’re about to become somebody’s afterschool snack. Hey, that would make a good movie or TV show.

All I know is that it’s enough to make me wanna say “Nanu-nanu”.


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