First snow

The wind resonates purring

soon to be clawing and biting,

chill crackles the air,

and automobile engines chatter

on this night icy and cold

from the year’s first snow;

Bobbie Ann and David, Warren,

Susie and I, we band of five

inseparably cloister against

the meowing on its prowl,

scratching, raking its talons

against the side of the house.

And then the calm. The snow calls

us from our stories, songs and games

to frolic in a niveous wonderworld

where we and other neighborhood kids

friskily pack and splatter

white balls of algidity while

missiles of ice hiss past.

A crash in the ear, a blast on the skin,

an ouch! and we slosh our retreat

to Bobbie Ann’s house,

hot chocolate and snow ice cream.


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