Change, But Not Really a Change

Beginning next Sunday, I will be changing my post dates to two days a week, Sunday and Wednesday. Sundays will be the kind of entertaining, free-ranging pieces, with a few surprises from time to time, that you have come to expect from Uncle Bardie’s Stories & Such. The Friday short story prompt will move to a Wednesday post. Tomorrow will be the next short story prompt.

The other day I was talking to someone who had been following a blog. She enjoyed the blog until recently when the blogger had gone to daily posting. The follower just couldn’t keep up with that many posts. This got me thinking. Am I overloading my readers? Am I choosing to give them quantity over quality?

Since my first post on Sunday, August 11, 2013, I have posted 89 times. I put a lot of thought into each post. Is this post something I think my readers will enjoy? Am I repeating things said better in a previous post?

In an effort to offer quality material to my readers, I go through, at least, three drafts. The first draft gets the idea or story down on paper. The second draft organizes the material. The third polishes the post and dresses it up in its Sunday best. Even then, I still miss things.

Another question that arises: Am I going to run out of the enjoyment of creating a post, and the energy? With all this in mind, I am thinking that two posts a week would be an ideal. I can always go back to three. And from time to time I can do an extra post for occasions such as St. Patrick’s Day.

This gives me time to work on other writing projects. This includes a novel and several longer pieces that currently need editing, each too long for a post on this blog. Also I work at a forty-hour-a-week job. And from time to time there is a need to refill the tank with new ideas and new insights. This can only be gained from reading, from watching movies, from listening to new music, and from the simple act of living.

When I began this blog, I thought three posts a week would be something I could maintain and offer quality. So far that has worked for me. But due to the reasons I have related above, I have come to realize that maybe three is a little too much. Two would be better.

I am so thankful that I now have over 100 of you followers. Each reader of this blog means a lot to me. I try never to take any of you, dear readers, for granted. And I love your comments and your likes. This lets me know if I have hit a bull’s eye or not.

So, as someone once said, it’s onward and upward.


3 thoughts on “Change, But Not Really a Change

  1. I can understand your way of thinking. When I started blogging, I thought about the number of posts too and came to the ideal of two posts a week. That is fine for me. I see, that people have more time to read my posts and I have more time for other things as well. Unfortunately I have not read every story you have written by now. But I like your blog.

  2. I have more time to read out of term time, I only post twice per week for the same reasons, even if I’m full of ideas I write the post then save it to use it in a busy week 😉 so if you’re full of ideas one week that’s what I’d suggest write it and keep it in draft for a busy week 😉

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