If on a summer’s day,

the windows rattle. Perhaps, which is another way of saying maybe, perhaps there might be an enormous spaceship landing in the field behind your house. There is no field behind your house, you say. Actually there is barely enough room for a tree. And the tree that is there is scraggly. So there can’t be a spaceship landing behind your house.

Well, what is causing that rattling? What about an earthquake? You live in Florida. Florida doesn’t get earthquakes. Hurricanes. Yes but you would have seen that sucker coming. Tornadoes? Yes. Sinkholes? Yes, but the house would be sliding.

You checked the Weather Channel thirty times already this morning. No tornado watch and your house is not sliding. Africa has not flung a tropical storm your way off its coast for weeks.Absolutely no earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, sinkholes..

So why are the windows rattling? You could go outside and check. Remember the last time you heard the windows singing like they are tonight? You ended up lost in time. You were gone a month of Sundays, and you kept going every whichaway. It definitely was not fun. Talk about nausea, you had nausea big time.

One moment you were in Kansas with Dorothy and Auntie Em. Toto was barking his butt off, wanting out to pee. The next thing you know you were about to be roasted by the Spanish Inquisition. You had discovered a time warp. Quite accidentally, of course. How did you know it was a time warp? You passed Spock and he gave you that live-long-and-prosper hand signal all the Trekkies know.

That time you walked out your front door, saw your neighbors doing what neighbors do on a Saturday afternoon in front of their houses, and walked right smack dab into that time warp. It was like being shanghaied and shipped off on a slow boat to China. You were flying to God-knows-where because you didn’t have a clue.

Only thing good to come out of the whole experience was that you met someone. It was not just anyone. It was The Someone. Pretty soon sparks were flying between the two of you. The fire was hotter than the one the Inquisition set you on fire with. It was like bazinga. You were smitten. Can I use that word smitten? Darn right I can. It’s my post and I’ll write it if I want to. Yep, you were smitten. It was The Someone. You were Soul Mates.

So you got married. It was a big wedding. All The Someone’s relatives showed up with gifts out the wazoo. Your partner’s Uncle Irving gave you enough cash to buy a modest three bedroom house, this house that doesn’t have much of a back yard. You didn’t do bad with your relatives either. Then you bought the house. The two of you started careers. You liked your jobs, even though you didn’t like the nine-to-fives. Before you knew it, you were raising the 2.5 children the average American family is supposed to be raising. It was a happy time. Until now.

Oh well, guess you’d better get off your duff in this comfortable chair and go see what is causing that rattling. You pull yourself up out of the chair and make the long walk to the front door. Actually it’s not long. It just seems that way. You’re really dreading opening that front door. But you do and…

Use your imagination and imagine what happened. Put it in the comments section or use it for a Prompt for a post on your Blog.

7 thoughts on “If on a summer’s day,

  1. Naomi is right, it is locust. Slamming by the thousands into the windows. The sky is darkened with a swarm of locusts battering your house. First, just rattling the windows, then rattling the walls. And the sound turns from a rattle, to a hum, to a roar. Like a jet engine in full throttle. You start your emergency prayers as if on cue, but it only seems to worsten the plague and you think, just for a second, that this is your punishment from God. For all the things you did and didn’t do. It is, after all, a biblical plague. Then you recall the sins of the pharaoh, and you realize that you aren’t that great a sinner. Your not that great a saint either.
    Then the walls start to vibrate and you head for cover under your dining table. The walls start crumbling around you and the ceiling starts crashing down.
    Grateful that the table is oak, you try not to panic, but you panic anyway. You decide to make a break for it and climb out from under the table and sprint for the back door. But just as you get into the doorway the entire building comes down on you, and instead of crushing you it creates a huge vacume and blows you out into the back yard. As you lay there coughing up the debre you’ve inhaled you roll onto your back to see the dark mass of locust flying on to greener pastures.
    You made it! As you get up to see the damage you realize it’s total. All is gone except…there, in the middle of the back yard. The scraggly tree, the one you thought was dying. It’s beautiful. Full of healthy green branches. “What the hell was that?”

  2. So I open the patio door and find an immense pile of sheep manure on the deck, and atop the pile, sits Scooter, most pleased with his handy work. My neighbor is there, the man whose manure Scooter stole. He informs me he had planned to use it in his garden. “When can I expect you to return it?” he asks.

  3. I got out of my chair, went to the front door, opened it and met that family. It was actually the little kid who was rattling the door with his little fingers.

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