A Favorite Rock ‘n’ Roller Movie


If you are looking for a great rock ‘n’ roll movie, “Streets of Fire” (1984) is that movie. Directed by Walter Hill, it’s a “Rock & Roll Fable” set in “another time, another place”.  It really kicks butt. It’s got motorcycles, guns, a sexy singer and a guy who has a real thing for the singer. And it takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. What more can you ask? Oh, yeah. Some great music, scored by the great Ry Cooder, that includes the Blasters and “One Bad Stud”.

Ellen Aim (Diane Lane) is doing a return-to-her-roots concert for her hometown. The choppers arrive, carrying the Bombers.  They brazenly snatch Ellen right off the stage. Not even the cops can stop the gang. Before you can say “Blue Suede Shoes”, Ellen disappears into the night on the back of a chopper.

That’s when Tom Cody (Michael Paré) shows in the neighborhood. He’s a real badass. We know he’s a badass because he clears his sister’s joint of six wannabees who think they’re bad. Against his better judgment, Tom takes off after Ellen in his new set of wheels. It’s stolen. He’s joined by an ex-soldier, McCoy (Amy Madigan), and Ellen’s wimpy manager, Billy Fish (Rick Moranis). Soon they’re in enemy territory and after Ellen held at Torchees, the Bombers’ headquarters.

There’s nothing like a few exploding motorcycles to heat up the action and provide a distraction. Then it’s Tom and McCoy to the rescue, then it’s back to the Hometown. It would be a real easy ride, except for one thing. Raven Shaddock (Willem Dafore). He don’t take kindly to someone stealing what he stole.

Do you have a favorite rock ‘n’ roll movie?

6 thoughts on “A Favorite Rock ‘n’ Roller Movie

  1. Okay, it’s not rock n’ roll, but I loved Crazy Heart. And I never get sick of the soundtrack. But I think that’s more country. So weird I haven’t seen this Streets of Fire! Can’t go wrong with Diane Lane, too. I might have to have a flashback 80’s weekend viewing.

  2. I always wondered why they call them post-apocalyptic. One would think that in a “post” world, the bikers and people with badly colored hair would be gone. Personally, I am praying for the apocalypse and looking forward to a future beyond tattoos and drug commercials on the evening news.

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