Xtra! Xtra! An Announcement: What a Long Strange Trip It’s Gonna Be

Been thunking about it for awhile. I went and dood it. I have signed up to write a Nanowrimo this year. If you want to join me, sign-up and log-in. My moniker is LBardie. It’s going to be a hoot.

For those of you who are not in the know, the nanowrimo is the National Novel Writing Month. The mission is for a brave soul to write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November. That is 1700 words per day. A bunch of writers participated last year. If you convert that bunch into a number, it’s over 200,000.

Some awesome things about nanowrimo are: You can right a really crappy first draft and no one, but no one, will care. They won’t see it. Secondly you can write any genre you want. It’s a great way to test your wheels. Maybe you’ve been wanting to give your hand a try at memoir. Take a chance and write that memoir. If you’ve been writing romance, this might be a good opportunity to write a mystery. It was how I discovered that I can write a reasonable facsimile of humor. (Some of you might not think it is humor, but then again you don’t count. Not. Of course, you count. I’m sure there are three of you out there I haven’t made laugh. Yet.)

This will be my fifth try. My previous titles (all packed away and hidden in my closet) were:
“Secrets of the Fourth Lithuanian” (2004). It was a novel about family and family secrets. There were no Lithuanians in the novel.
“The Absolutely Unbelievable Extraordinary Adventures of Lady Wimpleseed Prissypotte” (2009). It was humorous and historical fantasy. There were no Lithuanians in this one either.
“The Chesterwood Poems” (2010). Thirty poems (a poem a day) that tell the story of Adam and Eve after the Garden of Eden. It wasn’t a true nanowrimo but I dood it anyway. Still no Lithuanians.
“Six-Foot-One and Five-Foot-Eight: A Romance” (2011). And I am sure that you can guess that there were no Lithuanians in this one either.
What do I have against Lithuanians? Absolutely nothing. If I knew a Lithuanian, I probably would like them. No, I’m sure I would like them.

Each year there is a blank slate and I get to start anew. Like baseball at the beginning of each spring. Last year’s goofs are not held against me. The novel I am writing is “Joe A(fter) D(eath)”. It’s title tells the reader exactly what it’s about. It will tell the story of what happens to Joe Schmidt after he dies. I will create at least 50,000 words of an 80,000-word novel. I plan on finishing it in December. Currently I am spending October, planning it. (And no, I am not spending October, researching what happens when we die. It will all be made up.)

Anything I write this month will be subtracted from the words I create in November. So far I have 3184 words. So I will be going for 55,000 words, I will have to write 55,000 in novel to fulfill my part of the bargain. ‘Nuff said. If you’re interested, here’s the nanowrimo link.

So c’mon in. The water is fine. It may be a little chilly. But it will get that writer’s blood flowing.

Now comes the big hairy question. Will I continue to post as often on Uncle Bardie’s Stories & Such during November? Absolutimoeso. You bet your sweet booties I will. So you can breathe easy and pretend you are entertained by my insanity.

23 thoughts on “Xtra! Xtra! An Announcement: What a Long Strange Trip It’s Gonna Be

  1. Hi, Don. I followed the link to the Nanowrimo page, but I didn’t see anything about poetry. Is the “one poem a day” idea somewhere else, or is that just a personal goal that honors Nanowrimo? Also, I’d like to read some of your previous Nanowrimo works. Are they published on this site somewhere? Thanks.

  2. Good luck! So, I’m confused. Is your Nanowrimo writing going to be published here? Or do we need to go to another link to read it? I clicked on all the links but nothing looked write (oops I mean right…see the beginning of paragraph 3.)

    • Sorry about the confusion. I wrote this post in hope others might be wanting to give nanowrimo a try, others like yourself, doing thirty poems in November. Those links are just links so people can join the Nanowirmo gang. You have to log in and search for LBardie to read my humble excerpt. I won’t be publishing my scribblings here.I plan on dandying this one up into its Sunday best and publishing it on the kindle sometime next year.

      • Oh, okay. Yeah, I don’t think I could do a poem every day. I did that once for Nanowrimo poetry month when I first started blogging but the sad reality is, I just don’t think I have as many ideas as I did then. But it’s okay. Such is life. I hope to read what you come up with some day.

        • On nanowrimo, subpar is allowed. The idea is to write a lot and not worry about the quality. It’s a rough draft. It’s a great way to try new things. And you are writing it for your eyes only. If you create something you really like, you can edit it later. Unless you’re a fool like me. Years ago on another blog site I posted all thirty days of my crap. It really smelled.

        • I don’t see why you can’t do poems instead of a novel. There is a National Poetry Writing Month, NaPoWriMo, which runs in April. But I wouldn’t condemn you if you did poems. In fact, I would rooty-toot for you. 🙂

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