Where’s Matt Damon?

We’ve all heard the question, “Where’s Waldo?” What I want to know is where’s Matt Damon? We first came across Matt in a bar:

Next thing we know he’s in the Army:

By the time we catch up with him there, he’s after Jude Law:

Unfortunately Jude Law didn’t make it out of that movie. Seems Matt Damon isn’t as innocent as we thought he was. That’s because all along he was a 007 kind of guy working for a spy agency that shall remain unnamed. After all, it’s a spy agency. Ssssshhhh:

And you do not want to mess with him. Of course, you have to catch him first:

Since he’s a man of many disguises, on the side he helps George Clooney pull off a big one:

They had met in the Middle East, doing some dirty business:

Unfortunately the spy agency found out about his extracurricular activities and they were not happy. That’s why they sent him to Mars and told his fellow crewmates to leave him behind:

If Matt escapes, where will he show up next?


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