2016, the year that was

Well, it’s another year flushed away. Lots and lots of excitement has been going on here at Uncle Bardie’s Stories & Such. Uncle Bardie passed the 300th post.

Sundays continue to be a free-for-all with such insightful pieces as “The Beast That Ate America”, “The Neighborhood Lawn War” and “15 Reasons Why Uncle Bardie Is Old School”.

Early in 2015, Uncle Bardie began a series on creativity and creative artists each Friday. It was to encourage the Readers to find the creative gene in themselves. Mondays became movie day. Friday’s Creator Corner and Uncle Bardie’s Movie of the Week continues in 2016.

“Uncle Bardie Does ‘Hamlet'” replaced the Story Pompt posts on Wednesdays. Hamlet winds itself into 2016. Uncle Bardie has had a ball, reading between the Hamletian lines, calling attention to those items that inquiring minds want to know. Answering questions like: When does Hamlet do laundry? Sometime in March or April, the Hamlet series should be coming to an end.

It will be replaced by a weekly satire called “Politics in America”. Politicians and their ilk will get the full Uncle Bardie treatment, and in technicolor no less. That should be a hoot. It’s all here to entertain Uncle Bardie’s noble gang of happy followers.

I know there’s a lot of pressure to post a list of best posts for the year. Since all of Uncle Bardie’s posts are the best, I can’t choose just one. That would be like picking out one child over another. I might have a favorite but I don’t want to hurt all the other posts’ feelings. After all, how would you feel if you were left out?

So Happy New Year. 2016 is gonna be something else. May each of ye have a safe and hearty New Year’s Eve and wake up on the other side, ready for a myriad of possibilities.

I do have a question for my readers. In the past, all my post have been 2000 words or less. Except for one story. It is my intention to continue that tradition. However, occasionally I would like to post a long story of 5000 words or less. I would not post more than one every three months or so. And I would most likely post it on Sunday. Currently I have a story that I culled from my novel called “Patsy Finds Love”. Would you, my Readers, be interested in reading a longer piece of fiction?

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