Uncle Bardie’s Movie of the Week: Celie

Once a week on Monday, Uncle Bardie shares a movie with his Readers he gives a big two thumbs up. It will simply be a short excerpt or a trailer. From time to time, a reflection on the movie will appear below the video. So pop some popcorn and give yourself a treat. This week’s movie celebrates Black History Month. It is “The Color Purple” (1985):

Celie is a poor black girl. Celie is pregnant with her daddy’s baby. Celie’s daddy takes her baby girl child when she is born. Celie is sold to a black farmer. Celie goes to live with a farmer. The farmer has three children by another wife. The house the farmer lives in is the messiest house you ever did see. Celie cleans it from top to bottom till it is spick and it is span. Celie’s younger sister comes to live with Celie to escape her daddy’s lust for her. The farmer lusts after the sister too. Celie’s sister will not give into the farmer’s demands. The farmer chases her off the farm. Celie and her sister don’t want to part. The farmer forces the sister to go away. Celie and her sister are separated. Will they ever see each other again?

This is the life of a poor black girl in the South. This is the story of a poor black girl surviving. This is the story of that poor black girl becoming a woman. This is the story of how love overcomes all things.

6 thoughts on “Uncle Bardie’s Movie of the Week: Celie

  1. This post about a movie where “love overcomes all things,” is the perfect partner for your post about Ophelia, who lived a lonely life without love. I can still remember entire scenes from this movie.

  2. “I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it. People think pleasing God is all God cares about. But any fool living in the world can see it always trying to please us back.”
    ― Alice Walker, The Color Purple

    I’ve tried to notice purple flowers ever since. 🙂

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