Oscar Speeches I Would Like to Hear

I thought I would repost this in celebration of the Oscar ceremony Sunday night. It still applies. I hope you guys like it.

Uncle Bardie's Stories & Such

Last Sunday night was Oscar time. It began with the Red Carpet walk. We saw a lot of dresses that had parts of the dresses missing. I think those designers get paid for how much they leave out of the dresses. One commentator made a very incisive remark about one actress’ gown. “That dress looks like a doily.”

We saw a lot of speeches which went on way too long and said absolutely nothing. The usual. My favorite was the Best Presenter Award. I was really glad to see Jim Carey win that award.

Anyway here are some of the speeches I would have liked to have heard:

Best Picture Producer: Thank God. Now I can make my money back. I will never hire that director again. Everything he touches turns into manure.

Best Director: How would you like to be stuck on an island for two months with the…

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