Coming to a Blog Near You

There are a lot of them bloggers out there who blog about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. I’m talking Hypocrisy, Stupidity, Intolerance and Quackery. We all know what downers they are. It’s a rough job. Only consolation is that somebody has to do.

Not Uncle Bardie. No sirree. Maybe number four. It sounds like a lot of fun. If it quacks like a duck, well you know. Serially though, Uncle Bardie’s got other axes to grind. Other cheeses to melt. Other corns to pop.

Uncle Bardie will be giving you “Politics in America” the way it’s sposed to be given. You, my Reader, will truly have special access to all the goings on. And the best thing of all, there will be nary a mention of Ted, The Donald, Jeb, Hillary, Chris, Marco, Bernie or the rest of the herd running with the bulls. No, you will be getting the straight dope of the long ago time of 2016.

Back when men were men and the women were too. Back when a trump was a suit in a card game. Back when a cruz was something you took on a boat. Back when a bag of groceries would pay for a down payment on a house. Back in the days when it was all Obama’s fault because you ran out of gas, you were late for work, or you just wanted to sleep in and the cats wouldn’t let you. Back in the days before Congress built the Great Wall of China on its southern border only to find out Genghis Khan was invading from the north.

Here at Uncle Bardie’s Stories & Such, you will read about the greatest political campaign in the history of Western Civilization way back in the Way Backs. You will see the United States go to war over the most despicable crime ever committed by one Sovereign State against another Sovereign State. That’s right. JMDs. If you want to know what a JMD is, you will just have to read about it in “Politics in America”. Coming to this blog soon. As in next Wednesday and to be continued weekly until 2016 runs out of steam and becomes 2017.

Or all hell breaks loose. If you’re betting on hell, you might just be a winner. The odds are in your favor.

11 thoughts on “Coming to a Blog Near You

  1. This is going to be an eye-opener for me when you post what a JMD is. I live in Canada and am thoroughly amused when it comes to American politics. That being said, I think Canadian politics are a joke too. It is truly a shame that the wrong person gets in or is it that the right person gets in and turns into the wrong person? That one always had me scratching my head. LOL, I await your post, Uncle Bardie…I too may not sleep until it is published, come on Wednesday! =)

  2. Ah, tackling the beast called politics. I’m racking my brain trying to decipher this acronym! Jihads of Mass Destruction? But that doesn’t fit, I suppose. I used to love talking about politics until our system was hijacked by a third-grade bully with his pants on fire. But you said he wouldn’t be mentioned, so I’m quite curious how you’ll pull this off, Don!

  3. Oh boy, I know so little about politics I’m almost afraid you’ll laugh at my ignorance if I try to comment on these. That being said…bring it on…but try to keep it on a grade 6 reading level!

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