Politics in America 1: Introducing the Great Man

News from the Outback or the Great Beyond or Uncle Bardie’s Bag of Tricks: This is my 401st post. Don’t know whether I should give myself a big pat on the back or a big Whoopee or just keep doing this. Oh well, 401 down and 7 gadzillion to go.


There have been many great political novels. This isn’t one of them. And any facsimile to the truth is purely accidental.

Chapter 1
Introducing the Great Man.

He had not always been The Great Man. “Just how did he become The Great Man?” you ask. That’s easy to answer. They asked him to run for President. The Party Elders of the Do-Naught Political Party did, that is. The P.E.s, as they were called. He was the obvious choice. He looked the part. If they had not ask him to run, some young whipper-snapper would have lost the election for The Party and it would’ve been another eight years out of power. They could not have allowed that, now could they? No, they had no choice.

When they came to The Do-Naught Party’s Convention, there had been no clear-cut nominee. Who was The Party going to give the nomination?

The Big Guy of The Do-All Party had been president for eight years. His Party was getting ready to nominate The President-in-Waiting, his Vice President, better known to One-and-All as L T, Little Twerp.

The Great Man’s Party, the DoNaughts, had to do something to prevent that little re-dunce-dancy of a Vice President from winning the election. They had been out of power almost as long as the Democrats had before the FDR sweeps in the early nineteen thirties. What to do?

When he came to the Convention, he was not The Great Man. He was not even a Dark Horse or a Dark Horse’s hinny. He certainly wasn’t one of The Grand Old Men of The Party or The Young Turks. He had only been the Mayor of Weazel Sneeze for fifteen minutes, and this was his first convention. When The P.E.s looked around and saw him, they were pleased. Very pleased. Finally they had their man. He looked like a President.

As Ronald Reagan knew, that was the most important qualification for the job. You had to look the part.

If you take a twenty dollar bill out of your wallet and looked at the face on it, it’s Old Hickory, one of the most popular presidents who ever was. That was what The Great Man looked like. Andy Jackson.

Politics In America is his story.

Chapter 2 next Wednesday.

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