A Big Thank You!

Hurricane Matthew has passed through Central Florida, leaving his fingerprint all over the place. He is on his way north, edging the coast of Jacksonville, Georgia and the Carolinas. When all is said and done, Matthew will be long remembered for the hell he put everybody through.

I just want to thank all of y’all out there for your good thoughts and prayers. It was a long twenty-four hours here with two cats. One demanding to go out. She’s mostly an outdoor cat. Last night I finally got to bed and slept about eight hours off and on. These storms can be very exhausting. I feel very fortunate that I did not lose power, except for a brief five minute outage about ten in the morning. The yard is filled with debris and the house escaped with a minimum amount of damage. So tomorrow it is clean up time.

Again thanks everyone.


15 thoughts on “A Big Thank You!

    • It’s now up in the Carolinas. It will soon be heading out into the Atlantic. Unfortunately the projections say it looks like it will circle around and maybe hit the southern tip of Florida. The good news is that by that time it shouldn’t be that dangerous.

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