Jungle Etiquette

Buffalo, feeling Tiger teeth in his back, says to Tiger, “What are you doing?”

Tiger says to Buffalo, “I am about to have lunch.”

“Lunch?” Buffalo says to Tiger.

“Yes, lunch,” Tiger says to Buffalo.

“Not on my dime you’re not,” Buffalo says to Tiger.

“How you going to stop me?” Tiger says to Buffalo.

Buffalo says to Tiger, “You keep this up and you’re about to find out.”

Tiger says to Buffalo, “Yeah, right.”

All of a sudden the buffalo rises from his kneeling position, the tiger lifted in the air.

Tiger says to Buffalo, “Hold on now.”

Buffalo says to Tiger, “Let go.”

Tiger says to Buffalo, “No way.”

Buffalo snorts, then takes off.

“What are you doing?” Tiger says to Buffalo.

“Teaching you some manners,” Buffalo says to Tiger. Buffalo slams Tiger against a tree.

“Owww,” Tiger says to no one in particular. He lets go of Buffalo and drops to the ground.

Buffalo looks down at Tiger. “Next time ask.” Buffalo turns and charges away, knowing that he had better get the hell out of there. Otherwise he won’t be able to charge another day.


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