Nanowrimo time again

It’s November 1st. You know what that means. It’s time to write a novel or 50,000 words toward a novel for the National Novel Writing Month. That’s 1667 words a day. At five hundred words an hour, it’s a little over an hour and a half of writing per day. Some don’t write the complete 50,000 words. They do use it to start that novel they’ve been meaning to write. Or add words to that novel they are writing. If you are interested, just go to and sign up and join thousands of others.

I had been thinking of writing a spy novel for my fifth effort. It was to be the story of an ex-CIA agent who gets involved with an assassination of a Russian leader in the 1990s. Then last Thursday night, this wild crazy idea hit me. Since I am a wild and crazy guy, I go, “Why not?”

I muddled the idea over and by the end of the weekend I had decided I would do it. I would write my novel about me writing a novel in November. Call it “Don in November”. It would be autobiography or memoir but not autobiography or memoir. I will let my imagination run wild and see where it goes. Novelwise, that is. Perhaps Don will become a werewolf or a vampire or remain his old lonesome self. At this point, I am not sure whether it will be the entire month or just Don’s day on November 1.

I know, I know. You’re thinking just how boring that might be to read. The good news is that no one will ever read it. No matter what I write for the Nanowrimo it will be crap. It’s a first draft and most first drafts are garbage anyway. And no one ever reads them. If you are like me, no one would want to read it.

It will be a challenge. But it might just be fun. “Don in November” can be a great way to hone my descriptive skills and work on my weak areas. I plan on throwing everything, including the kitchen sink. And I will save the spy novel for another year.

So what does that mean for the blog here. No worries. I have taken care to schedule my November posts. And I will let you guys know how the experiment is going from time to time. Who knows. I may still do the Spy Novel.

If you do decide to sign up and join us, look me up on If you do join us, reach out to me, LBardie, and add me as a Buddy. Who knows? You might just write the rough draft of a few bestseller. A number of published writers have.

10 thoughts on “Nanowrimo time again

  1. I know I should be doing it…. I know I should be pounding away at my keyboard but the farm just called. The fields have dried out enough to combine corn and I am needed in the scale house. It is a great excuse.

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