Uncle Bardie’s Weekly Music Pick: People Got To Be Free

It’s Thursday again. You know what that means. Uncle Bardie’s Weekly Music Pick. Uncle Bardiie gives a double thumbs up to this week’s selection. “People Got to Be Free” by the Rascals:

I went back in the Uncle Bardie Time Machine. And no, it isn’t a DeLorean or a phone booth. It’s a thingamajib I keep in my basement right next to Huff the Unmagical Dragon. No, he’s not a fire breather. He’s a regular pussycat. And he likes the Rascals as much I do.

I never will forget the first time I was introduced to Gene Cornish, Felix Cavaliere, Eddie Brigati, and Dino Danelli, the Rascals. I was a young squirt. I had just finished the Air Force’s Basic Training at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas and was sent off to the lingering winter weather of Rantoul, Illinois. I arrived late one Friday in May. I had the weekend free, so I left the base and made a trip to one of the local bars that catered to service dudes.

I walked in and the Rascals’ “Lonely Too Long” was blaring from the jukebox. I heard them sing and I just knew I had never heard anything quite as sweet. It was a thing to behold, hearing these guys. Blue-eyed soul had never sounded so good. These guys had out-righteoused the Righteous Brothers.

I was originally going to post another Rascals song. But it seemed to me “People Got To Be Free” was what was needed.


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