Uncle Bardie’s Spotlight Creator: Mister Rogers

Once a week on Friday, Uncle Bardie celebrates the creativity in others by shining a Spotlight on a movie, a song or a creator. This week’s Spotlight Creator is Mister Rogers:

If you look up kindness and goodness in the dictionary, you may not find a picture of Mister Rogers. But you should find him there. Of all the celebrities and great names of our times, we find few like Mister Rogers. That’s very very unfortunately. When we realize this, it makes us wonder, “Why not?” Why do we honor those who bring out the worst in us. If we went looking for the Mister Rogerses of the world and made them our role models, we would see a much better world. Then we would have the courage to let our lights shine in the most unlikely places. If Mister Rogers proves anything, he proves that nice guys do finish first. Thank you, Mister Roger, for all the kindness you gave us, and for seeing the best in us.

4 thoughts on “Uncle Bardie’s Spotlight Creator: Mister Rogers

  1. We didn’t watch Mr. Rogers (although, I now know who he is) – we watched Mr. Dressup, who I think of as having the same type of show as Mr. Rogers. Mr. Dressup had puppets, told stories, made crafts, and he liked to dress up in the costumes he stored in his famous ‘tickle trunk’. Oh, how I loved him.

  2. I remember when I heard Mr. Rogers died, I was at work and I was shocked for a second and I called out, “Mr. Rogers died!” I don’t think anyone in the office new who he was…kids today…

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