My Stuff Writing Challenge

I don’t usually do writing challenges. But, then again, who can resist a challenge from Greg at Almost Iowa. That’s the very Greg who keeps posting about the fiendish Stan. Yes, that Greg. Greg’s challenge: Look around me and see an object and write a flash piece about it. So here goes:

The lamp’s name is Irving. I am not sure how he came up with that name. He tells me his mother at the Ikea factory gave it to him. I don’t believe him. He has told more fibs than can be counted in a month of Sundays.

Ever since we moved into this house, Irving seems to have a hiccup problem. I keep asking what the problem is. He keeps replying that he’s hungry. It’s getting to the point that I am going broke supplying him light bulbs. I even gave him one of those new fangled LED lights. He keeps saying, “More, more, more.”

I do like Irving. He was given to me when I was in college. Getting rid of Irving would be like getting rid of a pet. I would never ever get rid of Rover or Kitty. My wife keeps saying that I should just get rid of him. I keep threatening him but he just won’t listen. What am I to do?

Then I hear a voice coming from Irving. It is not Irving. Irving has a high pitched voice. This one sounds very low pitched in the bass range. All of a sudden Irving’s lampshade is spinning. It’s getting out of control. The voice is laughing. It’s telling me that it wants my soul.

Can somebody help me? Can somebody suggest an exorcist for a lamp?

12 thoughts on “My Stuff Writing Challenge

  1. That sort of thing happens a lot around here. I wouldn’t worry about it, unless it upsets your spouse – then you have to worry about it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Each day, I will feature a new writing post. Expect this one to appear tomorrow.

  2. An editor’s pen flew into my hand. It spoke strongly: “I do like Irving. He was given to me….My wife keeps saying…..I keep threatening…..Getting rid of Irving….I would never get rid of….What am I to do?” Just a rearrangement of the sentences but the pen insists it flows better. It expresses the rational thoughts and conflicting emotions in a clear but concise sequence that people are familiar with: Length of relationship, opinion of significant person, actions taken, bottom line strength of relationship, quandry.
    Just a thought. That pen can be a pest!

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