Idolatrizing the Confederacy

As y’all may or may not know, I don’t re-blog that much. Over four years, I have re-blogged only ten times. But occasionally I come across a post that really moves me and I just have to share it. I have been following Shayleene MacReynolds for a little while. First discovered her waitress blog ,, and loved the humor and the writer. With her second blog, Wild Heart of Life, she shares her love of nature. This post was from the second blog. I found her posting much of the things I would like to say but haven’t been able to find the words. So here it is.

The Wild Heart of Life

I went to Georgia last January. I had read a book and become inspired and flown away to a land of history and richness and cultural pride. My God it was a beautiful place to be.
Before leaving Atlanta for Savannah, I went to the MLK museum. I saw the sad little row of houses where they put the blacks. I threw a penny in the wishing pond where a thousand wishes have been made that are, each of them, still waiting for an answer.
I sat beside a homeless person and I cried. I lit his cigarette for him. He had the kindest eyes.
In the church where MLK once preached, I cried again. Behind the rows of little boys and girls in burgundy coat jackets and patent leather shoes. They gave me funny looks. But I wasn’t afraid being the only white one in the room. That’s called…

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