To all my followers out there…

In the next several days, we Floridians will be experiencing some rough weather. Hurricane Irma is headed our way. We will survive. We’ve been through hurricanes before. But this one does look different. Keep us in ย your thoughts and prayers.

Just so you know I have scheduled posts through the next several weeks as I always do. On the other side of Irma, I will do a post about my experience with this hurricane.

I love you guys. Thank you for sticking with me. You are the best.

Here’s a waiting-for-the-storm haiku:

I am a manly
man who can withstand all things.
‘Cept hurricanes. Help!

Uncle Bardie.

15 thoughts on “To all my followers out there…

  1. Loved your haiku! I sums up how most people in that horrible storm’s path feel, I would guess. I will be praying for you and for all of Florida until this is past. And please let us know that you are safe when it is over. God speed….

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