haiku for the day: civilization

As a writer, I love photographs of people performing work. It seems that a person is happiest when they have found a career they thoroughly enjoy. Seeing a policeman directing traffic reminds me what chaos there would be if they weren’t there. The light at the intersection is not working. How many drivers would try to push their way forward and ram their vehicles into other vehicles. Soon it becomes a pile-up. 

the policeman waves
city traffic onward through
the intersection

3 thoughts on “haiku for the day: civilization

  1. Many years ago, the British invited the King of Botswana to London.

    He had never seen, much less rode on an airplane, but he was unimpressed with the experience.

    He ruled dry country but was unimpressed by the voyage across the ocean.

    His country was sparsely populated but he was unimpressed by the crowds or tall buildings of a major metropolitan area.

    But suddenly, he got all excited and was very impressed. He demanded that his British handlers introduce him to “that man”. Who? they asked. He told them, the man who raised his hand and stopped a herd of cars.

    The King had no use for flying through the air or floating across the ocean. He had no use for crowds or tall buildings – but as a King, his business was power.

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