haiku for the day: sand

Cats eat, they sleep, they lick themselves, and they poop. One of the first things I learned about cats is that they are not dogs. They don’t have to be taught where to poop. Show them the litter box, and they never have to be told again. Unless there are health problems. Otherwise it’s the poop box or bust. Maybe this was the reason the Egyptians thought they were gods. Gods always know where the poop box is. ‘Course the Greek gods seem to ignore that rule. Zeus continually pooped all over the place. Just ask Hera.

cat in litter box
her paws splashing grains of sand
the floor a new beach

5 thoughts on “haiku for the day: sand

  1. Like it! Makes me smile! Remembering that, in 8th grade, we would have gotten a bad grade if we had chosen such a subject for haiku! Yours strikes me as charming, despite the subject matter!

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