haiku for the day: rain drops

We get more than our share of rain where I  live. In addition to hurricanes, we get daily downpours that could make a monsoon envious. I used to carry an umbrella. There isn’t an umbrella that can withstand some of these afternoon showers. A long time ago I came up with the perfect solution. But it came with danger. My solution was to walk between the raindrops. It was suggested by a wizard who did a stopover. Once he showed me how, it was easy peasy. The danger is I have to walk sideways between the raindrops. The wizard cautioned me that the rain don’t like that. It will get even. So you learn to use your dodge’em-cars skills. Otherwise it’s a demolition derby.

soon the rain comes down
droplets, dancing feet splatter
refreshing the earth

4 thoughts on “haiku for the day: rain drops

  1. This reminds me of a poem I wrote way back as a college student. Not quite a haiku, but similar:
    Raindrop ballerinas dance
    On the driveway.
    Their tiny skirts extent but a moment,
    Then become the stage.

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