haiku for the day: morning shower

My mornings don’t begin with a shower. They begin with feeding the cats, a cup of coffee and a writing session. Then breakfast. Finally, a shower to completely wake me up. There’s nothing like a good shower to jerk the subconscious out of its malaise. Often an idea comes to me out of nowhere while I am showering. It might be a line for a story I am working on or it might be a new blog post. Zap! and it’s there. Hope I can keep it in mind while I hurry out of the shower and write it down. Many a great idea has been lost during that transition.

shower water falls
soap upon the face and arms
singing in the rain

6 thoughts on “haiku for the day: morning shower

  1. So that’s the secret to your seemingly endless, creative stream of stories and poetry: a morning shower. I use my morning walk the same way. I find i can’t force ideas by consciously thinking about a writing problem I’m having or what I’ll write my next post about; they have to sneak in unbidden, and it’s glorious when they do.

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