Just Another Day in Paradise

LiPhil was having a bad day. First he almost broke his toe, getting out of bed. Then he had an argument with his wife. And then he almost sideswiped another car. The driver gave him the finger. And now this. He dropped his phone through the grate and it was in the sewer down below.

He borrowed a passer-by’s phone and he called its number. He could hear his phone down below. What was he going to do? Of course, he could replace it but there was a lot of important information on that particular phone.

He hurried to work, determined to find a way to get to that phone. Unfortunately he couldn’t take the day off. He had to be in court with a client.

In court, he was not his best. The judge reprimanded him for not being up to snuff. That afternoon he bought another phone. By the time, he returned to the grill where he had lost his phone, it was raining. He called the number but he didn’t hear a sound. It was obvious the phone was washed away and he would never see it again.

A month later, there was a knock on his apartment door. He opened the door.

The man standing before him asked, “Philip Black?”


“Is this your phone?”

“You found it,” Phil breathed a sigh of relief.

The man’s partner pushed Phil aside and grabbed his hands.

“You are under arrest for murder,” the detective at the door said.


“Your phone,” the detective said as he pushed Phil through the door. “We read your text. You were plotting the murder of your friend, Jonathan. Well, Jonathan’s dead and we know who did it. You and his wife Alice.”

“We were just rehearsing lines from a play. I’m an actor part-time.”

“Right,” the detective said. “And I’m Columbo.”

His partner leaned over and whispered into the detective’s ear, “You are Columbo, Lieutenant.”

3 thoughts on “Just Another Day in Paradise

  1. What an unexpected and hearty laugh you gave me with this post. All of my energy was focused on poor Phil and how he’d get out of this mess and you zapped me with the last line. Great stuff.

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