The Christmas Man

Harry went Christmas shopping two days after Thanksgiving. He hit the streets early that morning with his list. It was a tradition with him. Avoid Black Friday and hit the stores the next day. He was off with a smile on his face.

The crowds didn’t bug him. The lines at the cash registers didn’t bother him either. He always took a a book and got a lot of reading in that day. This year it was “The Christmas Carol” on his kindle, one of his favs.

While in line, he listened to the carols and let his imagination sink into the world of nineteenth century England. There was a comfort in knowing that everything was going to turn out just right. And Tiny Tim always put a smile on his face. He could imagine the carolers coming around to Scrooge’s place of business, singing, “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”.

Since he was a boy, since the first time he heard the manger story and the peace on earth goodwill toward men, since the first time he read of Tiny Tim and Bob Cratchit and the transformation of Scrooge into the best of men, he had loved Christmas. While others barked out their complaints about the crowds and the lack of Christmas cheer, Harry had nothing but happiness in his heart.

When he got home late in the day, the kids waited with hugs for their daddy and Merry had a special kiss for her husband. Then he saw the tree. Merry and his boys had spent all day while he was gone, doing an extra-special job trimming the tree and decorating the house. It was a delight. Tears formed in his eyes, tears of love and wonder.

Soon the day would come, soon the presents would be opened, soon the Christmas feast would be eaten, soon the decorations and the tree would come down, but for now Harry lived one day at a time.

He went over to the pitcher of eggnog Merry had made. Poured a large glass. Took it out to the garage. He finished it, then went out to the car and carried the presents back to his cabinet and stored them away until Christmas Eve.

He locked the cabinet, then he strung up the lights around the house, put up the large Santa and his sleigh along with the Nativity creche on his front lawn. When he was finished, it was time for a late dinner. Then he was off to his job at Santa’s Workshop. He had just been promoted to head elf. He had his own desk. He even had his own special name plate. It said “Harry Christmas”.

So have yourself a very Harry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

‘Tis the Seasn

Mother, manger and Child in a stable
Bethlehem on a midnight clear
Angels and peace on earth goodwill toward men
Adeste fidelis and little drummer boys
Shepherds, Magi, and gold, frankincense and myrrh
O Christmas tree and we three ships
Saint Nicholas, Santa Claus and Rudolph
Good King Wenceslas, Tiny Tim, Scrooge and Charlie Brown
Miracles on 34th Street, It’s a Wonderful Life, and White Christmas
Christmas wreaths, mistletoe, deck the halls and jingle bells
City sidewalks, pretty paper and chestnuts on an open fire
Hippopotamuses, two front teeth and a Red Ryder air rifle

So hark the herald angels sing tidings of comfort and joy
‘Tis the season for a thrill of hope
and a Mother, a manger and a Child

May all of you have a very merry Christmas.

haiku for the day: Christmas decorations

Boy, it is close. The big day. You know the one I am talking about. Hanukkah? ‘Fraid not. If you’re getting ready to get out the dredel, you’re running a little late. Boxing Day? Well, not quite but close. Epiphany? No. Kwanzaa? Sorry to have to say it but it’s not the one either.

Yes. You guessed it. We’re talking about the Big Guy showing up with his ho, ho, ho. We’re talking Christmas here, man, and presents. Bunny suits and Red Ryder BB guns. Oh, don’t worry. I’m not going to shoot my eye out. If I do, I have one to spare. You know, that second eye kinda like a spare tire when you have a flat.

Creches on front lawns
Christmas lights lining the streets
Merry Christmas, y’all.


Uncle Bardie’s Spotlight Movie: There’s Giants in Them There Hills

Once a week on Friday, Uncle Bardie celebrates the creativity in others by shining a Spotlight on a movie, a song or a creator. This week’s Spotlight Movie is “The BFG” (2016):

Many Never-Neverland stories begin with an orphan: Tom Jones (the character, not the singer), Jane Eyre, Oliver Twist, Pip, Peter Pan, Mowgli, Dorothy Gale, Tarzan, Snow White, Superman, Batman, Harry Potter. And so is Sophie, the young heroine, in “The BFG”.

Sophie wakes up one night in the orphanage. Curiosity drives her to one of the orphanage windows. She sees a giant. And not just any giant but a Big Friendly Giant. The BFG kidnaps Sophie. He is afraid Sophie will tell the world that she saw a giant. He can’t imagine that no one will believe a child.

The BFG carries her to his home in the land of the giants. She is told that she can never leave but must stay with him for the rest of her life. Since he collects dreams, he gives her a nightmare. She will be eaten by another giant if she escapes. Unlike his fellow giants, he isn’t a monster. He just wants to keep the world from finding out that there are giants.

When she wakes the next morning, one of the other giants, a people eater, shows up at BFG’s door. He smells human and he gives things a good looksee over. Nope, no humans here. He leaves, scratching his head. That night she goes out with BFG to collect and distribute dreams. Out of this unlikely beginning, a wonderful friendship.

Stephen Spielberg directed this one with a screenplay by Melissa Mathison. She contributed the screenplay to “E.T.” So it’s easy to understand why this one has a certain e-t-ish quality to it. The two of them have taken a bit of “The Iron Giant”, thrown in some “Mary Poppins” and a smidgen of “The Wizard of Oz” and come up with “The BFG”.

Unfortunately, Melissa Mathison died of cancer shortly after the film was completed. What a wonderful gift she gave us to remember her by.

haiku for the day: December

Ain’t December just grand? There’s so many things to get excited about. So many things to make it one of my favorite twelve months. Well, now that you mention it I am not that fond of August and September. Those are the hurricane months. But, December, wow. Now that’s some month.

If December were a baseball trading card, it would be Babe Ruth. Just think of all the things you get in December. There’s Hanukkah. There’s the Twelve Days of Christmas. There’s Boxing Day. There’s Kwanzaa. To top it all off, there’s New Year’s Eve with the big ball dropping. I mean, c’mon. What’s not to like about December.

month of holidays
December celebrations
lights, joy and wonder