micropoem for the day: a tree branch

I started this haiku-for-the-day gig back in July of last year. That means I’ve been at it for over six months. Doing it consistently since then, I’ve learned some things. Many of my haiku do not fit into the haiku form.
1.Traditional haiku have a nature and a seasonal thing.
2.Traditional haiku focus on an observation, not an action.
3.Traditional haiku are concrete images
4.Traditional haiku are three lines of seventeen syllables.
Many of my haiku have deviated from 1, 2 and 3. Number 4 I have struggled with. To get seventeen syllables, I have had to stretch, adding articles or unneeded adjectives.

I have decided to stretch the form and create micropoems instead of haiku. Like haiku, these poems will be flash poetry. These poems will continue to be short, three lines with an occasional four line poem. But not necessariy 5-7-5. They will usually be be seventeen syllables or less. Occasionally I may go over but not by more than three syllables. Like haiku, they will be a spontaneous response to an observation. Here’s my first micropoem of the day.

an oak branch crackles
then snaps and crashes with a thud
gravity rules

2 thoughts on “micropoem for the day: a tree branch

  1. “Lands with a thud” perhaps? “Crashes” suggests a sharpness to me. “Seeks earth with a thud” was anther (got pollen brain today: the neighbors “cedar” is releasing pollen in vast clouds today) another wording that came to me. You know I love you, UB! I pay attention to your work, so I will occasionally comment from my poetic soul or my editors eye! Say hi to your gal for me!❤️

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