micropoem for the day: daisy

This one came about one day when I was rushing out to my car. I was running a bit late for work. So, here I am go-go-go. Grab my lunch and head out the door. Hurry to the car. Popped open the trunk. Threw my lunch and my bag in. Shut the trunk. Unlock my door. Pull it open and go to sit in the front seat. Just as I did, I looked across the yard and there it was. A daisy. This little fellow all by its lonesome, waving at me in the breeze, letting me know that it was spring. I stopped what I was doing and walked over and was reminded of e e cummings’ line, “i thank heaven someone is crazy enough to give me a daisy.” Here was nature trying to give me a daisy. I was glad and stopped and spent the next five minutes looking at that there daisy. She was a pretty lady.

a daisy
five white petals and a yellow disc
on a patch of grass

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