Teressa loved wintertime. She loved the chill of it. It gave her a good reason to snuggle up next to her mother. She loved the white of it. A day with snow was so much better than a day without snow. “It just is,” she told her friends. She loved it because sometimes she missed school. That was the best. She wasn’t much of a student.

Sitting in her parents’ house next to the fireplace, she thought about all the stories she could tell about the time it snowed. She could be an Eskimo living in an igloo. She would love to have her own igloo. But where did Eskimos hang their clothes? That might make a good story. An Eskimo who went looking for a clothes hanger and found herself lost on the ice. She smiled, then laughed. What fun that would be.

Her mother heard her laugh all the way in the kitchen. “You okay out there?” she called.

“Yes, Mom,” Teressa called back.

It was a happy home Teressa lived in. But happiness isn’t all its cracked up to be. She wanted a little adventure.

Then she thought of another story. This one featured Santa Claus and the North Pole. Because many of her stories contained Santa Claus and the North Pole, she let that one go. The Santa Claus and the North Pole stories were beginning to repeat themselves.

No, this story about the Eskimo was an intriguing one. The next time she was at the library she would have to read up on igloos and Eskimos and where they hung their clothes. Then she would start that story. Call it “Iglooland”. That would be the best of titles. She really liked it.

She got up and walked to the window and looked outside. The world was white. Snow blanketed everything. Out there was an Eskimo searching for a clothes hanger for her coat. Her warm coat.

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