Theme Song for an Itchy Back

A lyric to be sung to the tune of “The Impossible Dream”.

To scratch the impossible itch
To fight that terrible bad twitch
To bear the unbearable thing
To reach for a really hard stretch

To make the unstretchable goal
To feel the relief of the touch
To try when my arms are too short
To reach that unreachable hutch

This is my quest
To go for the spot
No matter how hopeless
No matter the knot

To make the good stretch
Without reason or rhyme
To be willing to make the tear
Of a muscular kind

And I know if I give it the try
To that hard to reach spot
To my back relief will appear
When the bad itch is not

And my body will thank me for this
That one arm, short and almost unhitched
Did move with that one heck of a try
To reach the unbearable itch

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