There’s a rumor going around these days. There’s been a sudden resurgence for human driving cars. Now I want to assure my readers that it isn’t about to happen. Sure, there was a demand for vinyl records, but no vinyl record ever killed anyone.

Driverless cars may be boring. But I have to tell you I am not for returning to the days of car crashes. Not gonna do it. It’s driverless cars or it’s no cars at all.

Going back to those days when people drove cars would be like going back to the days when people rode around in buggies with horses. First off, how did they keep the streets clean with horses pooping all over the place.

Secondly how did they deal with the horse flies. You ever see those things. They are whoppers.

Another thing. You couldn’t park that horse and buggy just any old place. It would be real easy parking the buggy in the garage. But the horse? That fella has got to eat. You think a cat likes to eat. A horse can eat you out of house and home.

And you think the price of shoes come off cheap. I have news for you. I’m here to tell you they’re going to cost you a kugerrand or two.

Next thing you know they’ll want to get rid of drones. Do you want to go back to the days of truck delivery? Leaving to packages on our front porches where they can get stolen? Not me.

Oh, sure the trade-off is a drone playing peeping-tom. But that’s little payment for all the safe deliveries and no thefts.

Now about those password-connected houses. You ever come home drunk. You can’t even find the key. Much less remember a password.

1 thought on “Rumor?

  1. I quite like the idea of a driver less car to take over mundane long journeys but would worry about crashing. Drones though! No – the buzzing around, cameras everywhere it is getting like that film Tom Cruise was in.

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