Uncle Bardie’s Music Spot: Gerry Rafferty’s Masterpiece

I’ve heard this song by Scottish singer-songwriter Gerry Rafferty enough times I probably know it by heart, this Baker Street from the City to City album. And yet I never tire of it. In my mind, this is a perfect song. Even the title puts you in the mood for a story.

Baker Street? Isn’t that where Sherlock Holmes lived? That’s 221B. This is not 221B and there’s no Sherlock Holmes here.

This one starts the sax takes it into that space loneliness occupies.  The vocalist begins. Walking the street after a heavy day of work. The city has turned out to be one hell of a disappointment. It might just be time to move on in another year, then he’ll be happy.

At the end of the street, the door opens. Another lost soul wants to get out of town. His dream is to buy some land and then he’ll be happy.

That’s the genius of this song. It’s nailed the dreams we’ve given up on. But then the sun comes up and maybe, just maybe we’ll get a new day. And maybe the secret is to keep moving. Then we’ll be happy. Or will we?

And here’s a second song, Right Down the Line, from his City to City.


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