Near 500 words: TW and the K’lggsh

Episode 23 of The Writer.

TW (aka The Writer) nodded his head. He would leave Dr. Baxter’s office. He held up the card once more, staring at it, trying to force the text back under Sylvia’s signature. The light through the window lit on the postcard in a certain way. TW saw the script.

“Dr. Baxter,” he said. “You have to look at the card again. The text is back.”

“I really don’t have time for this. Leave please.”

TW realized he had to do something. Otherwise he would be the laughing stock of the campus and lose what chance he had to get help. Right then and there, he decided he did not want to be seen for a fool. So he did the only thing he could think of.

He walked past the professor, turned, took her wrist, and spun her around, her back facing him. Then he held her with one arm, while his other hand placed the card at an angle in front of her face. The light shone through it, and the text appeared.

“What,” Dr. Baxter said, her body stopping its resistance. She took the card from him and stared at it. “This is K’lggsh. Oh, my God, this is K’lggsh. I don’t believe–this is K’lggsh.”

TW let go of her and she dropped into a chair staring at the card. The script disappeared.

Two security guards grabbed TW from behind. TW resisted, then realized it was no use. They had him pinned.

“You’re coming with us,” one of the guards said. “We’re turning you over to the cops.”

Dr. Baxter woke from what seemed like a hypnotized state. She stood up. “No, no. It wasn’t him.”

“What?” the guard asked.

“Yes, he stopped the intruder. The intruder ran down the hall and out the back stairs.”

The two security guards turned and ran down the hall, chasing a phantom.

Dr. Baxter raised the card to let the light hit it. The script returned. Then she laughed. “This is K’lggsh. Amazing.”


“Yes. Let me show you.”

She went over to the bookcase and pull down a large book, her hands shaking. She dropped it twice before she was able to set it on her desk. Then she rifled through the pages until she found what she wanted. She pointed to a picture of a fragment. “Here. Read this.”

She reached into her desk drawer and pulled out a magnifying glass and passed it over to TW.

TW looked through the glass. He saw a fragment of a brown scroll of script. On the scroll were a partial group of words. What might have been incomplete sentences. Some of the few words half erased.

“K’lggsh,” Dr. Baxter said, her voice overjoyed.

TW stared at the photograph, then looked back at Dr. Baxter, then back at the fragment. The script looked similar to the script on the postcard. Not the same but similar.

TW sat down on a chair at the side of the office, shaking his head. He recognized one of the words in the fragment. It was one of the scripts on the card. “What does this mean?”

“That fragment in the book,” Dr. Baxter said. “That’s the only thing we have of the K’lggsh language. And now this.” She signified the postcard.

She turned the card over and saw the woman dress. “No. It can’t be….This is–“

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