Mother Tao and Honorable Monkey

This is the beginning of all things. Ah so.

First, Honorable Saucer.

Next, Honorable Cup.

Then Heavenly Tea. ah so minty, ah so warm, is poured into Honorable Cup.

Mother Tao lifts Heavenly Tea to Her Honorable Lips and drinks, sets Honorable Cup back down on Honorable Saucer. Out of the Tea pops a Child, a beautiful brown Monkey.

Ah so, this Monkey the Trickster God.

Honorable Monkey sits in the soothing Tea and wonders, “What can I do to play a trick on Mother Tao?”

Ah so.

Honorable Monkey ducks back into Heavenly Tea. Mother Tao searches. She searches everywhere for Honorable Monkey Child.

“Here I am,” Honorable Monkey sticks his head out of the Tea, laughing and clapping.

But Mother Tao is sad.

“Why you so sad?” Honorable Monkey asks. Mother Tao does not speak. Honorable Monkey knows why Mother Tao is so sas. She is alone, except for Honorable Monkey Child. Honorable Monkey thinks about this, and thinks and thinks and thinks some more. He thinks until he falls asleep and sleeps for a Thousand Years. This is why sleep time is known as the Thousand Year Rest.

“Ah so,” Honorable Monkey wakes and says, then he laughs his most mischievous laugh. He jumps against the side of Honorable Cup and Honorable Cup tips over and Heavenly Tea spills out onto the Cosmos. Honorable Monkey sneezes.

Ah choo!

Gods and goddesses appear, swimming in the Tea, running through the Cosmos. Soon there are many gods and many goddesses. Mother Tao smiles. She is no longer alone.

“Thank you, Honorable Monkey.” Mother Tao is happy, and surprised, pleasantly surprised.

But soon the gods and goddesses choose up sides. Soon there is a War and it rages a Thousand Years. Mother Tao is so sad. Tears well up into Her Eyes. So many Tears that it begins to rain. It rains and rains and rains.

One of the gods, the Jade Emperor, breaks off a piece of porcelain from Honorable Saucer and it becomes his Raft. On this raft is the Jade Emperor and his Ten Wives, each more beautiful than the other. The rest of the gods and the goddesses drown. Only the Raft of the Jade Emperor with the Eleven upon it float on the Sea of Heavenly Tea.

After a journey of ten thousand miles, the Jade Emperor lands on a mountain. There he builds himself a luxurious Palace. Also he builds Palaces for each of his Ten Wives. Each morning the Jade Emperor walks to the August Heavenly Tea House near his Palace and watches his Uncle the Sun appear across the Eastern Sky. From the Tea House he smiles down upon his children, the sons and daughters of the human race.

Each Spring his children honor their Father, the Jade Emperor. Each Summer they honor his Ten Wives. Each Autumn they honor Mother Tao. Each Winter when the world is covered with ice and snow, and it is bitter cold, they honor Honorable Monkey Child the Trickster God. They know he is hiding in the Heavenly Tea but will pop out soon with his “Ah so.” Then it shall be Spring again as it has been for Ten Thousand Years.

Ah so.

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