A Romantic Virtuality

Another pickin’ and grinnin’ lyric

I met you on WordPress
Oh, what a surprise that it was
I followed you on Twitter
Your tweets were oh so marvelous
I saw your selfie on Facebook
Joining Facebook became a must
Read your resume’ on Linked In
It gave me one heck of a crush

The font and pixel of you
The magenta, black, yellow and blue
Our virtual reality was cool
Our romance unbelievably true

It’s hard to know what love may be
I can’t tell, though I’ve made the rounds
I saw your photographs on Flickr
Before you moved on to Instagram
It was such a beautiful face
Always smiling, never a frown
Your voice was so incredible
Your podcasts a magical sound

I tried till I got up the nerve
To ask for a date, you said yes
Soon we were a steady pair
Asked for your hand, hoped for the best
Amazon and me were married
Our true love had stood the test
Now we’ve got a bundle of kids
Fire and Kindle and all the rest

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