The Genesis of Cats

In the Beginning, Big Mama Cat
Looked around and saw all that
Was nought, just a big empty place:
“I must fill this great hole of space.
I am lonely for a meow and a purr.
I’d like one of each, a him and a her,
Two of every breed and type,
A lion to roar, a tiger with stripes,
A cougar faster than light,
A jaguar to frighten the night,
A Siamese with one of her twins,
Tabbies with their kith and their kin,
Russians Blues for a color to the palette,
And street kitties I’ll add to the ballot.”
Then B.M.C. did populate
The universe with the first rate
Of all the creatures wide and far.
So give ye thanks to your lucky stars
For that cat in the window asleep,
For that cat at play with jumps and leaps,
Who gobbles up the kibbles and bits
And curls in the chair where you love to sit.
She is a blessing, never forget,
A favored one of Big Mama Cat.

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