Boogah and Sugah Mae at the Art Museum

“Ain’t that purty, Boogah?”

“It sure ‘nough is, Sugah Mae. Never seed anything quite like it.”

“It’s all them there dots, Boogah.” Sugah Mae starts to put her finger on the painting.

Boogah grabs her hand. “Now, remember what they said. Don’t touch.”

“I almost forgot.” Sugah Mae withdraws the hand. She poses before the painting like she’s thinking. It could be that she is thinking but Boogah isn’t sure. Then she says something real bright, “You know I could do that.”

“Do what?” Boogah wants to know. He thinks he knows what she is thinking but he’s not sure. After all, it’s Sugah Mae doing the thinking.

“Get me one of them paint-by-number kits and paint.”

“Bet your paintin’ would be purtier than this one.” Boogah just about admires everything Sugah Mae does.

“Bet you’re right.”

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