haiku for the day: late night

We’ve all been there. It’s late. Possibly four a.m. We just can’t sleep. Yet we have to be up for work at eight a.m. We’ve tried counting sheep. We’ve tried warm milk. We’ve even tried finishing up that story we started three weeks ago. Nothing works. We can’t think of anything that’s got us worried. Except maybe going to party this coming Saturday night. There’s going to be people there we like and people we don’t like. We’re not sure that we’re going. Then there’s the New Year that just started off with a bang or a whimper and we definitely don’t have anything to wear that will make 2018 feel special. All in all, there’s really not much to worry about. Yet we can’t sleep.

water faucet drip
car lights flash through the curtains
another late night

haiku for the day: another cat’s tail (oops, I mean tale)

My cat, Little Bear, likes to play. But her idea of play is not mine. I do all the work and she watches. I throw the ball and she watches where it goes. Then expects me to go and get it. I’ve done it so much I think she’s got me trained. From time to time, I dangle a long shoe string over her. She goes crazy after it. Before I know it, she has pulled it out of my hand. Then Little Bear does a Garfield with a “I don’t want to play now.”

playing with the cat
her tail snaps to attention
the end of playtime

haiku for the day: Christmas decorations

Boy, it is close. The big day. You know the one I am talking about. Hanukkah? ‘Fraid not. If you’re getting ready to get out the dredel, you’re running a little late. Boxing Day? Well, not quite but close. Epiphany? No. Kwanzaa? Sorry to have to say it but it’s not the one either.

Yes. You guessed it. We’re talking about the Big Guy showing up with his ho, ho, ho. We’re talking Christmas here, man, and presents. Bunny suits and Red Ryder BB guns. Oh, don’t worry. I’m not going to shoot my eye out. If I do, I have one to spare. You know, that second eye kinda like a spare tire when you have a flat.

Creches on front lawns
Christmas lights lining the streets
Merry Christmas, y’all.


haiku for the day: December

Ain’t December just grand? There’s so many things to get excited about. So many things to make it one of my favorite twelve months. Well, now that you mention it I am not that fond of August and September. Those are the hurricane months. But, December, wow. Now that’s some month.

If December were a baseball trading card, it would be Babe Ruth. Just think of all the things you get in December. There’s Hanukkah. There’s the Twelve Days of Christmas. There’s Boxing Day. There’s Kwanzaa. To top it all off, there’s New Year’s Eve with the big ball dropping. I mean, c’mon. What’s not to like about December.

month of holidays
December celebrations
lights, joy and wonder

haiku for the day: parking lots

It is interesting to stroll through a parking lot. As I pass these cars, I try to imagine what history they have. And if they have passed lives. Cars are not as interesting as back in way back when cars had unique designs. Big fins as if they were sharks or engines so hot they might would explode or hubcaps that were so cool that the car wearing them was the coolest. Or the ginchiest as Kooky used to say. Wonder what he or the Fonz would say about today’s cars.

cars parked in the lot
rows and rows and rows of them
waiting to go home