micropoem for the day: dogs

Even though cats have taken over my house, I do like dogs. Or dawgs as we refer to around my house. In fact, if I ever have a dawg, I am bound and determined to name the guy Dawg. When I was a kid, we had a dog. He was half pekingese and half collie. At least that was what I was told. Instead of having his nose punched up against his face the way many Pekingese have, his nose was straight out and forward for all the world to see. And what a guy. He just had an absolutely wonderful personality. His name was Pudgy.

woman walking dog
the sideway curves, then straightens
dog walking woman


micropoem of the day: one last blast

Well, folks, I know one thing. I will not miss January. At all. And I’m sure a lot of you probably feel the same way. We’ve been getting the cold. But we’re not getting the benefits. You know, like snow. There’ll be no Frosty the Snowman for us down here in mid-peninsula. That also means no snowball fights. Soon enough January will be gone and we might just end up being nostalgic for it.

One last blast
of a winter freeze.
Like a skater
ice comes, ice goes

micropoem of the day: winter world

The world has become winter. Everywhere it seems to be cold. Arctic ice weather comes even to Florida. The snow hasn’t reached us yet. Yet. But the way things seem to be going, it may be sooner than later. Everybody seems to have weather on their minds. But who can blame them? I sure can’t because it’s on mine.

Still, cold and winter
birds bundled together
the world an ice palace


micropoem for the day: morning walkers

The other day I had to leave the house early for an errand. Then I had a meeting. As I drove through my neighborhood, I saw a number of folks out and about. They had smiles on their faces as they went about their to-dos. They were getting their exercise, walking their dogs or on the way to catch a bus. I don’t often get out early but I was glad I did that morning.

morning walkers
fresh air and exercise
urban renewal

micropoem for the day: a tree branch

I started this haiku-for-the-day gig back in July of last year. That means I’ve been at it for over six months. Doing it consistently since then, I’ve learned some things. Many of my haiku do not fit into the haiku form.
1.Traditional haiku have a nature and a seasonal thing.
2.Traditional haiku focus on an observation, not an action.
3.Traditional haiku are concrete images
4.Traditional haiku are three lines of seventeen syllables.
Many of my haiku have deviated from 1, 2 and 3. Number 4 I have struggled with. To get seventeen syllables, I have had to stretch, adding articles or unneeded adjectives.

I have decided to stretch the form and create micropoems instead of haiku. Like haiku, these poems will be flash poetry. These poems will continue to be short, three lines with an occasional four line poem. But not necessariy 5-7-5. They will usually be be seventeen syllables or less. Occasionally I may go over but not by more than three syllables. Like haiku, they will be a spontaneous response to an observation. Here’s my first micropoem of the day.

an oak branch crackles
then snaps and crashes with a thud
gravity rules