haiku for the day: home

There is something comforting about the word “home”. It is more than a house. It could be an apartment. Or a tent, if you are a nomad. If you are a royal, it could be a palace. The earliest smells, the earliest sounds we experience are of that place we call home. So, it’s no wonder that our happiest time of the day is when we arrive home. The dog or the cat wait for their pat. The spouse waits for their kiss. The kids wait for their hugs. No amount of money can replace that moment. 

the smell of bacon
Chet Baker on the trumpet
sunset, then twilight


The Tractor

Jed’s father’s tractor sat in the field. It was an old tractor his dad often had to work on but somehow kept it going. When he had a particularly hard time repairing the tractor, he’d say to Jed, “That’s the way with tractors.”

Jed asked him once, “Why don’t you get a new tractor?”

“What, and turn this fellow out to rust? He’s got a lot more miles in him.”

Jed looked at the tractor. What was he going to do with it? He walked up to the beast and crawled up into its seat. He checked the gas gauge. It had a quarter of a tank. He put the key into the ignition and said to the tractor, “Now don’t give me a hard time.”

Jed turned the ignition. The tractor didn’t start. He tried a second time. Still no start. Just a grrrrrr. The grrrrr seemed to say, “Say please.”

Jed gently, patiently, said, “Please.” It was a serious please.

“Grrrrrrrr,” went the tractor. Then it’s engine kicked off with what Jed thought was a “Thank you for asking.”

haiku for the day: whistle

It was her debut, and Lauren Bacall made the best of it. She dazzled the Bogey with her entrance in Hemingway’s “To Have and Have Not” (1944). She gave the world an idea of what true sex appeal could be. When the film was released, every guy in that audience must have been blown away. For a nineteen year old actress, she had acres and acres of It. And Bogey was one fortunate man to be dazzled by her. ‘Course he was a guy who could do some dazzling himself.

Lauren Bacall said
just pucker your lips and blow.
I still can’t whistle

Uncle Bardie’s Spotlight Song: The Greatest Ears In Town

Once a week on Friday, Uncle Bardie celebrates the creativity in others by shining a Spotlight on a movie, a song or a creator. This week’s Spotlight Song is Bette Midler and a gang of backup singers celebrating Arif Mardin with the song, “The Greatest Ears in Town”:


Arif Mardin was a composer, arranger and producer first at Atlantic Records, then at EMI. During his tenure with both companies, he either produced or arranged or composed music for such artists as the Rascals, Aretha Franklin, Phil Collins, the Bee Gees, Hall and Oates, Chaka Khan, Queen, Roberta Flack and Norah Jones.

In celebration of his contribution, give a listen to Bette Midler singing her tribute to Arif Mardin. It will make you smile.

haiku for the day: windows

Sometimes I sit and watch my cats. Each of them has their own personality. Princess can sit and focus on a little hole for hours, waiting on her prey. I know. I have seen her do it. I wish I could be that focused. That is true ambition. True following her bliss. Little Bear sits and basks in the window for a few minutes, then she darts across the room, bored. She is constantly active. I wish I had that kind of energy.

cat sits on the ledge
window to the outside world
a bird watches cat