The true believer

Kathy dons her baseball cap, pushing her ponytail through the hole in the back. It’s a Cub’s hat and she’s proud to wear it. She was a Cub’s fan even when the Cubs made losing an art. Now people don’t laugh the way they used to. Boy, did they laugh.

She goes through the front door, ready for her evening walk through the neighborhood. “Go, Cubs,” her neighbor yells.

“Right,” she says to herself. “I remember your catcalls and boos and thumbs-down and your slamming my team. I remember it all from the days when the Cubs were in the Wilderness. Now they’ve entered the Promised Land.” But she doesn’t say anything out loud. She just smiles, knowing she has had the last laugh, knowing her faith overcame everything.

Uncle Bardie’s Weekly Music Pick: Centerfield

It’s Thursday again. You know what that means. Uncle Bardie’s Weekly Music Pick. UncleBardiiegives a double thumbs up to this week’s selection: “Centerfield” by John Fogerty:

Okay. It’s that time. Time to go ga-ga over your favorite team in the Series. ‘Course you know what I am talking about. It’s World Series time. Time for the Big Boys to show their stuff as they step up to the plate and swing at America’s Pasttime. Sure, it ain’t the Superbowl, the Final Four, the Stanley Cup or the NBA Finals. It’s something better. It’s Baseball.