Near 500 words: A Halloween Story

Friendships had never been easy to come by for Jane. Then she met Eleanor Whitaker. It was a Wednesday and she was late for work. She barely caught the bus. The bus was already packed with only one seat left. That was beside a white haired elderly woman wearing a white cashmere sweater.

“Would you like to join me?” the woman suggested.

Jane nodded yes and took the seat. “I’m late for work,” she said, still trying to catch her breath.”

“I used to hate that. I lost a lot of jobs being late for work.” Jane wasn’t in the mood for talking. The woman was. “I don’t have to do that anymore. I’m retired.”

Jane looked at the woman. “Yes,” then she went back to what she was thinking. How she was going to have to finagle her way with her boss?

“You know what I finally did to prevent getting fired,” the woman said.

Not really curious but trying to shut her up, Jane shook her head and turned away from the woman.

“I cast a spell,” the woman said.

Now curious, Jane turned back to the woman. “Did it work?”

“Did it ever? And it was my first one too.”

micropoem for the day: military life

In the long ago and the faraway, I spent three years two months and seven days in the United States Air Force. I had a darn good reason for joining. They were going to draft my rear end. Went in on St. Paddy’s Day and got on a bus. As I rode the bus, I am thinking I will just fade into the woodwork. Unfortunately I hadn’t worked on my invisibility skills. There was no hiding from that Drill Instructor. He had my name and number. During my time in the service the best thing was the mail. We soldier boys loved mail.

apple pie cookies 
grandmother’s wrinkled hands 
a care package.