micropoem for the day: moth

Don’t you just love it when you open up your closet door and out comes an insect. I often wonder what that fellow was doing in the closet. Discussing the weather. There is no weather in the closet. Even during a hurricane. ‘Course if it’s a tornado and the roof goes, there’ll definitely be weather. Maybe the guy is discussing politics with the shirts. Who’s going to win the race for the mayor of the dirty clothes hamper? Maybe the guy is talking about the infidelity of the pair of white socks. How the white left sock ran away with the right purple one. Or maybe he’s a stand up comedian. “Did you hear the one about the shirt that shrunk? She was all washed up.”

hanging out in the closet
with shirts and pants

haiku for the day: getting dressed

We spend a lot of time in our civilization costuming ourselves. We question every piece of clothes we put on in the morning to go out into the world. Mostly we prefer to remain in our p.j.s and not go out. But here we are, facing the closet and trying to determine what will best fit our mood for the day. And it’s not just women. We guys can be hung-up about what we will wear. We hide it better than they do. And we used to be even worse. When most of us wore ties out into the universe. One thing is for sure. When all is said and done, we’re just clothes hangers for the clothes we wear. And a lot of us are walking billboards, advertising things we aren’t paid to advertise. Think t-shirts.

blue shirt or red one
dressing for the day ahead
which matches the pants

haiku for the day: bandana and scarf

You ever wonder about your clothes? Do they have feelings? Do they jump up and down for joy later in the closet after they’ve heard, “You look really good in that outfit” or simply “You look mahvelous”? How do they feel when we say, “This doesn’t fit?” Or “It’s time to give this one to the Salvation Army?” How would you feel if your human was going to send you off to a strange environment to be handled by total strangers. Just when they were feeling comfortable on your body. Do they feel betrayed? Do they feel the way a dog or cat feels when they are dropped off at the pound? And what is really going on with them when we throw them in the garbage? Next time you are thinking about cleaning out the closet, think about their feelings. You’ll feel better when you do. After all, it’s the compassionate thing to do.

a blue bandana
a scarf a map of the earth
well-traveled pair