How can I say no?

In honor of National Poetry Month, I shall be doing my poetry thing each Sunday in April.

“How can I say no?”
God asked the First Day
when the earth requested

a little bit of light to see
its way through space
and time. So God moved

‘cross the waters of darkness,
and spoke what he’d longed
to say way fore yesterday.

“Let there be light,” He said
with that twinkle in His eye
He had when He was at work.

The light lit up the sky,
it lit up the dark places too.
God saw that it was good.

And He said so.

“How can I say no?”
God asked another Day,
the second to come His way.

The water was not happy.
There was a need for division.
So God invented mathematics

that Second of Days,
dividing the earthly waters
from waters in the sky,

a division all because
He did some addition
and made a firmament

before creation knew
a firmament was wanted.
God saw that it was good.

And He said so.

“How can I say no?”
God said to a Thirdly Day
when the earth demanded,

“Land, I say land.
I need me some land.”
So God being God

said, “Let it be.”
The waters parted
and up sprouted earth.

God knew His work
was not near complete.
He grew some grass

and plants and trees,
every sort and every kind.
God saw that it was good.

And He said so.

“How can I say no?”
God wondered aloud
on that Fourth of Days.

He wrestled the day
from the night, the spring
from the wintry chill,

the autumn from the summer,
the stars from the darkness,
the moon from the sun.

So that in times to come
there would be a season
to sow and a harvesting.

God had spoken,
His speaking made it so.
How good He saw it was,

And He said so.

“How can I say no?”
God asked the Fifth Day
come ’round begging

for the Day had a hank’ring
for some fishes to catch.
God rowed out to the river

And tossed in some light.
Soon there were fishes
that the Day might catch,

birds, lions and tigers
and whales the size
of a continent or more,

creatures big and small
and in-between too.
God saw it was good.

And He said so.

When Friday came along,
God was sure he was done.
with all His creation.

Only He was a Selfie
of a God and the solitude
was an unbearable thing.

No companion or friend
to play with or to love
or to show off for.

“How can I say no?”
God said to the loneliness.
Then He made Him a friend

and the friend a wife
to complete His creation
that was all very good.

And He said so.

And God said,
“Time to get me a rest.
“How can I say no?”

Then on the Seventh Day
He laid His head
on the green green grass

to allow a Saturday
to pass before a new week
sprouted from the grass.

Then Sunday peaked
out from the ground
and said “Hey” to the sun.

God got down to work
on the weeding to be done.
And God saw it was good

that He said,
“How can I say no?

Mrs. Noah

It’s raining. It’s always raining in winter here. It never stops. If only it would stop, I could get on with my life. Wonder how Mrs. Noah felt on that ark, with the fam all stuffed into one little cabin.’Cause the rest of the ark had to be used for the animals. Geez, she must have been going crazy with all those animals. And the relatives. There was that daughter-in-law she couldn’t stand. When she married the big guy, she didn’t ask for this. Over a month on this damned boat and still no land in sight. Then there was the problem with the flu. Nobody ever talks about the two weeks when everybody on the boat came down with the flu. Mrs. Noah was the only one who was able to fight it off. Not only did she have to take care of the animals, she had two weeks without a break with Mr. Noah and the three sons and their wives, puking all over the deck. Poor Mrs. Noah. By the time the ark hit land, she up and asked for a divorce. That’s why you don’t hear no more about Mrs. Noah. She was out of there and off to the Hanging Gardens for some Me time. I know she must have hated the rain. Will it ever stop?