Do Animals Have Souls?

What a question! Of course, they have souls. Just look into your horse’s, your cat’s, your dog’s eyes.

I know when I look into my cat’s eyes I see a soul looking back at me. Sometimes her soul is saying, “I love you. I love you a lot.” Sometimes she is saying, “What the hell do you want?” And at other times, “Man, that was a good rat. Yum.” Or sometimes, “What a great day. Enjoy, just enjoy.” Then she goes off and runs or jumps into the bird bath just for a drink of water and she enjoys her complete catness.

I am sure that if you looked into a horse’s eyes you might see those eyes saying, “Gee, I love to run. There is nothing quite like it.” Or “Man, you need to lose some weight. Everytime you ride me, my back hurts for a week.”

Or a dog’s soul saying to his master, “You may be an s.o.b., but you’re my s.o.b.” They love us unconditionally, never holding back. I remember seeing a movie called “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale”. Hachi’s master had died, yet Hachi waited for years for his master to return on the evening train. They were friends, and the dog loved his friend more than anything.

So you can’t tell me that if there’s a life after death that there won’t be animals there. I am not going to believe that. Because a life after death without my cat ain’t any kind of life at all. So there. That answers that question. So on to the next one. Do people have souls?

Maybe. Then again maybe not. At least for some.

A Couple of Characters in on a Bet

“I’m here to tell you this is the horse you want to bet on.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard that one before.”

“He’s not like the others. This one is special. He’s going to be in the Derby. Wouldn’t you like to be the first to find a horse that’s going to be in the Derby?”

“I won’t be the first.”

“Sure, you will.”

“No, you’re the first.”

“Well, you know what I mean.”

“All I know is you want me to lose my money. I’m already under three grand.”

“You gotta take risks. Else life ain’t worth living.”

“What kind of odds you give me?”

“Odds? On a winner like this?”

“Yeah, odds.”

“Alright. I will give you two to one. Only cause I like you. How’s that?”

“I’d hate to see somebody you didn’t like.”

“C’mon. You want in or what?”

“Yeah, I’m in.”

Uncle Bardie’s Weekly Music Pick: La Primera

Beginning this week, I add a fifth post per week. Uncle Bardie’s Weekly Music Pick will appear on Thursday and features music Uncle Bardie has been listening to all week. Each selection gets a double thumbs up. Below this week’s pick is an explanation for this addition. This week’s selection is the Western song “La Primera”, recorded by Ian Tyson:

I hesitated adding a fifth weekly post to this blog. As many of you know, Uncle Bardie is a deep thinker. So he gave this addition some deep deep thinking. For some time, I had been going back and forth about this thinking. I finally slid off the fence and fell on the positive side for three reasons:
1.I love music.
2.I love sharing music and there is so much great music out there to share.
3.Friday’s Creator Corner was starting to clog up with musical creators. I wanted to save that post for creators of all kind, not just musicians.
So I am initiating a new post today. It will feature a musical selection that I find awesome. As a part of this change, I won’t be featuring a piece of music with each written post unless it’s necessary to give the post a bit of zing.

I just saw the Tony Bennett documentary “The Zen of Bennett”. In it, he mentions something Duke Ellington said. “There are two kinds of music. Good music, and the other kind.” The Duke added, “If it sounds good and feels good, then it IS good!” That is the best definition for the music I plan to post here.

What kind of good music will I post? Jazz and classical, folk and country, Western and swing, rock and punk, flamenco and mariachi, and any other darn music I pick up along the way. If it’s good, it’s good. One of the things I promise. I will not stick to one genre.

I hope you will stick with me here and find some Good music here. So enjoy the listening.