micropoem for the day: clouds

It’s an everyday thing, clouds. There are few days when there are none in the sky. When they are not there, we kinda miss them, now don’t we? Even now, I see images in those clouds that my imagination give me. Sometimes there are elephants and whales or giraffes and lions and tigers, oh my. Sometimes I imagine a Noah’s ark and sometimes cowboys chasing stampeding cattle. Whatever those clouds are, cotton candy or soft puffs, they are still wonderful.

clouds floating islands
smoke from a wizard’s pipe
dissolving into a rain storm

micropoem for the day: dreams

Take the word “dream”. Just five letters long but it can cause one heck of a piece of trouble or be the source of such joy. Turn the word over and over in your mouth and listen to its sound. It’s a word that wants to continue. It doesn’t have a sudden stop the way some words do.

It tilts the imagination this way or that. Towards windmills or rabbit holes. It can recall sea chanties or stories of urchins on a street. It can drive one to take risks others won’t take and take up causes that might change the world. 

head on the pillow
off to another country
called Dreamland

Uncle Bardie’s Spotlight Movie: Faith and Imagination

Once a week on Friday, Uncle Bardie celebrates the creativity in others by shining a Spotlight on a movie, a song or a creator. This week’s Spotlight is the Netflix production of “The Little Prince” (2015):

This film appealed to my child’s imagination. Showed me how often I put up boundaries to it. As children, we let our imaginations fly. If writing haiku has taught me anything, it’s only by letting go and following my imagination that creativity comes.

Maybe there’s a bench across the street. I leave work late at night and see the bench all alone. My imagination allows me to feel what that bench must be feeling. How come nobody loves me? Most of us have days like that. Then the next day, the bench is so happy that people come and sit on it and talk to other people about the day ahead. Or being tired at the end of the day.

Then the bench is all alone again. Then the bench takes to meditating what people must be like when it sees people at their best and at their worst. There’s no Mr. In-between.

Follow your Imagination and you too will find the Little Prince.

The Lovers

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all.

“Such a beautiful rainbow,” Melanie said to Walt.

“I made it just for you,” Walt said to Mel.

“You didn’t,” she said. “You can’t make a rainbow.”

“Oh, you think not,” he said, squeezing her hand just a little to show his love. “I spent several years at the rainbow-making school. I was their star pupil.”

“Were not.” She laughed. She liked it when Walt made up stories just for her.

“I was.”

They two stared at the rainbow, thinking beautiful thoughts. Walt thought about a Mel who could walk, Mel thought about a Mel who could walk. And they were very very happy.