haiku for the day: actor

Actors are amazing. The good ones can take you far, far away to another world or to another story just by the words they speak. Imagine the voice of Richard Burton or James Earl Jones. Wouldn’t it be something to have one of those vocal giants narrating your life? “It was an ordinary day, that June 13th, until Candy burst forth from her mother’s womb. Candy refused to move on from pre-school to the first grade because her best friend, Tammy Sue, didn’t make the grade and was held behind. Such a hero, Candy was.” As the Richard Burton/James Earl Jones narration might show. With their narration, there wouldn’t be any humdrum lives. We would all be Superstars. Notice that is Superstar with a capital S.

An actor on stage
a Hamlet or a Macbeth
or even Falstaff