As a writer, I think about how characters talk. One of the things that determine how characters talk is their job. So here is how a character would speak about their relationship with a significant other if they were:

  1. A meteorologist, “Cloudy with a chance of rain.”
  2. Lawyer, “Am I under oath?”
  3. .Doctor, “We’ll need to run some tests.”
  4. Cop, “I’ll have to take the Fifth.”
  5. Economist, “You can’t buy your way out of a recession.”
  6. Soldier, “It’s a no man’s land out there.”
  7. Politician, “Frankly…next question.”
  8. Mystery writer, “I’m not sure where we put the dead body.”
  9. Librarian, “Shhhh.”
  10. Minister, “I’ll have to pray on that one.”
  11. Psychiatrist, “It has a Freudian slip with a twist of Jungian synchronicity.”
  12. Explorer, “It’s been Terra Incognito all the way.”
  13. Superman, “Lois, will you please be careful with that kryptonite.”

What profession would you say your relationship with your significant other reflects?


haiku for the day: circles

Sometimes life seems to run us around in circles. We quit our job. We just can’t stand the people who work there. Besides it’s a dead end. Then we go on to Job # 2. Job # 2 turns out to be Job # 1, only in a different costume.

We get a divorce. Then we meet and marry Spouse # 2. Guess what? Spouse # 2 may not be Spouse # 1. But they turn out to act to be Spouse # 1 in so many ways. Some might say we have lessons to learn. We keep yelling at the universe, “Haven’t I learned my lesson yet?”

It seems that every time we come to a fork in the road we take it.

do not turn on red
city intersection sign
for no turn on red