Saturday thoughts on blogging

I spend about three or four hours a week reading others’ blogs. From time to time, I find a fellow blogger I really like and I follow them. Often I discover blogs because I read many of the comments on the blogs, both mine and others. Of late, I have begun to notice several things trending:

1.The missing Comments section. I am not sure why. Whatever the reason I find that blogging for a writer is a great way to have immediate feedback from readers. To me, blogging is as much a conversation as anything else. I want to hear what my readers think. If I read a post and it calls something to mind, I often comment. I try never to put down the blogger or go negative on them. I do from time to time make what I hope is humorous thoughts. But only if I think they are appropriate. And a number of times I have found ideas for future posts in my comments section and that of other blog posts.

2.The missing About page. This is a great way to find out the mission or purpose of the blog. Before I do a Follow, I always check out the About page. If it’s missing, I usually don’t follow. Also this is where I go when I want to thank a new follower.

3.A Comment urging me to follow a blog. Often I check out bloggers who make comments on a particular post. I like the choice of whether or not I follow another’s blog. Not every blog is for me. And I like a variety of types of blogs. But an urge to follow will definitely keep me from following.

4.Marketing Blogs. From time to time, a marketing blogger will follow me. Makes me think they are not interested in my post but in getting me to follow them. As Homey the Clown used to say, “Homey don’t play that.” As I said earlier, I see blogging as a way to have a great conversation and get to know some wonderful people. I am not interesting in marketing gigs.

Ads I would love to see on TV

Ad #1. Jeff is sitting in his kitchen, eating a bowl of cereal. He picks up the bowl and walks to the front door. Opens the front door, looks out. The birds are singing. The grass is green. The cocker spaniel lies on the front porch, dreaming his doggie dream. Jeff looks at his brand new car. It is a beautiful work of art. Then he sees his neighbor get in his car. The driver’s door falls off his neighbor’s Chevy. Jeff smiles, then calls out, “Hey, Bart. Doors don’t fall off my new Puchie.”

Ad #2. “Need a new car. It’s on your bucket list. Why not come on down and make that final deal a hearse? We have them in seven gorgeous colors: red, yellow, blue, orange, pink, turquoise, and, of course, our most popular color, your basic black tie. If you want to go in style, this is the way to go.”

Ad #3. “Come on over to Brady’s Super Sports Store to get all your football supplies. Down here at Brady’s, we really know how to deflate a football.”